Heidi Talbot


Some very exciting news

16 Aug, 2017

After 10 years of touring the world in each others bands, writing songs together and recording on each others solo albums, myself and John have decided to make a duo EP - Yay! Pre- order and Rewards now available from our Kickstarter page : https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/heidiandjohn/heidi-talbot-and-john-mccusker-ep?ref=email

Video of 'The Year That I Was Born'

22 Sep, 2016

Here is a link to Heidi's new video for The Year That I Was Born. Written by Heidi and Louis Abbott, the video was recorded in the beautiful Tweed Valley by Louise Bichan.

Here We Go 1, 2, 3

11 Jul, 2016
video link

I'm delighted to announce my new record Here We Go 1, 2, 3 will be released in the UK and Ireland on Navigator Records on September 23rd. The album is available to Pre-order now, and you will recieve the bonus track Aviemore (not available on the album) straight away. So exciting!
Pre - Order Here We Go 1, 2, 3

Video Diary

11 Jul, 2016

While we were recording Here We Go 1, 2, 3 at our studio, we kept a video diary of each day. You can watch the journey of the record or the silliness of us musicians - Everything from working out string arrangements, you've got a friend in me from Toy Story, amazing trumpet playing and loads of our friends not taking the recording process very seriously! Lots of fun
Heidi Talbot Album Recording Diary

Autumn Tour

11 Jul, 2016
video link

Tickets are on sale now for my Autumn tour. From Edinburgh to Portugal, London to Peebles and loads of places inbetween, I can't wait to sing these new songs for you. See Tour Dates for details.

Listen To A Track

11 Jul, 2016

Here is the title track from my upcoming record Here We Go 1, 2, 3. This is a song myself and John McCusker wrote together featuring Innes White, James Lindsay, James MacKintosh, Michael McGoldrick, Sorren Maclean and John. Let us know what you think!